Borderlands 3
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Release Date: 
Launch Price: 
$60 (US)
2K Games
Gearbox Software
PC, PS4, Xbox One
You are viewing a page for an upcoming game. This title has not been released yet but here's information related to its launch.
Borderlands 3 for PC will only be available through the Epic Games store for 6 months following the release. After that it is possible for 2K to decide to sell the game on additional platforms, but no indication as to where they would sell the game after the exclusivity time has been indicated as of yet.
Pre-order power bonus
Certain editions of Borderlands 3 includes gameplay modifying items, among which both loot drop rate and XP boosters. Selling power can in certain cases compromise the competitive integrity of a game, hence why we always mark upcoming titles doing this with the preorder for power badge no matter the significance of the power sold.
Game editions
There's currently four editions of Borderlands 3. Standard, deluxe, super deluxe & the diamond loot chest collector's edition. A season pass including 4 DLC packs as well as other in-game items is included in most of these editions but NOT the standard edition. Full information available here:
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