Gears 5
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Release Date: 
Launch Price: 
$60 (US)
Xbox Game Studios
The Coalition
PC, Xbox One
You are viewing a page for an upcoming game. This title has not been released yet but here's information related to its launch.
Game Editions
Gears 5 comes in 2 editions, Standard for $60 and Ultimate for $80. The ultimate edition includes a rewards booster, character pack, beta access and the ability to access the 4 day early game launch. The 30 day boost included in the ultimate edition lets the player earn rewards faster while playing. Editions can be viewed here:
Pre-Launch Access
With a pre-order purchase of either edition comes access to the tech tests in July 2019. Note that these tests cannot be accessed for free. The ultimate edition of Gears 5 includes access to the earlier launch date, 4 days before standard edition players get to play.
No Loot boxes
Developers have stated that the game won’t feature a loot box system, but microtransactions will be present. There are also no plans for a season pass.
Gears 5 is an Xbox Game Studio published game, hence why the PC version is exclusively available through the Microsoft Store and the console version only available on Xbox One.
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