Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint
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Release Date: 
Launch Price: 
$60 (US)
Ubisoft Paris
PC, PS4, Xbox One
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Game Editions
Ghost Recon Breakpoint comes in 4 different editions. These all include sold beta access, with the more expensive editions including access to the 3 day early launch. Certain editions also include game altering items such as weapons, XP boosters and more.
Post Launch
A year one pass is available for post launch content. “The Year 1 Pass includes two DLCs, a launch mission, early unlock for three new classes, and the Spec Ops Forces Pack.” The previous game in the series “Ghost Recon Wildlands” also included a premium currency, lootboxes and other microtransactions.
Availability & Always Online
Ghost Recon Breakpoint’s PC version will be available on the Uplay (Ubisoft) and Epic Games launchers only. All versions of the game will require an internet connection to be played, no offline mode is available.
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